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2D/3D Animator, Graphic Designer

SHOWREEL 3D/2D Animation

Monday, 13 June 2011

Concept Art

Limited Animation



Mary Blair characters animated by me

DARK Short Film

Dark a short film created by me and my friend Giovanni as our Major Project for the final year of university.

PORTOBELLO FILM FESTIVAL Animated Intro Competition

This was my entry for the Portobello Film Festival Animated Intro competition . I was responsible for the animation and my colleague modelled and rigged the character.

We were the winners of the competition and here it is:

Here's a bit behind the process of creating this animation.

Preliminary ideas

Rough animatic..

This is a process that I've learned from Jason Ryan, it really helps to do a rough 2D pass before starting animating with all of those controls in Maya..

Rough Animation

Video reference


After creating the GOTFITNESS? logo I also created the animation.

Created on Flash.


Here's a Logo I created for a Personal Trainer company in London, GOT FITNESS?
This was the first logo I ever created, and for a beginner I don't think it's bad at all


Here's a little insight into my process and workflow.

These are the first rough ideas I came up with...

This was the concept the my client liked the most however
we both weren't sure about the head...

Trying different heads

After deciding which shape worked better for the head, I moved on to the text.

Variation of colours

And finally settled for something I was proud of and my client was happy satisfied.

Here's some more designs I did for a shirt..